Work With Me

3 months from now,
you’ll be THRILLED that you started today.

Ever feel completely overwhelmed with ALL of the moving parts of your business?

Do you keep pushing for just a little bit longer hoping you get past the hamster wheel phase?

Would it be GREAT to focus on one important thing at a time and actually follow-through?

It’s time to LEAP off of the exhaustion train, and find a REALISTIC balance for running your business!

If you’re READY to be consistent in your business, you can work with me in 3 ways:

Option #1: Access the 3 Week Month Masterclass

How would you feel if you could set and reach realistic goals every month for the rest of the year?

What would your life be like if your renewed focus gave you s p a c e in your calendar to enjoy the non-business areas of your life?

If this is you, 3 Week Month Masterclass is especially for you.

In this self-paced course, you will learn and implement our exclusive system to plan, take action, and rejuvenate – even if you have a busy family!

Are you ready to focus and finish what is really important in your business….and life?

Reserve your spot in The 3 Week Month Masterclass to get exclusive access to our planning tools to get a jump start on your business goals for the rest of 2020!

Learn more about the 3 Week Month Masterclass

Option #2: Join the Consistent Business Moms Society

Say goodbye to working into the night, FOMO, and the hamster wheel business method.

The Consistent Business Moms Society is an priceless group that supports you to find realistic (and FUN) ways to be consistent in your business.

When you join our monthly or annual membership, we’ll work together to take those important baby steps each week to keep working toward your goals.

We’ll be cheering you on each week (and hopefully, making you laugh along the way)!

We hold each other accountable (and we’ll definitely be checking in on your process)

What do we actually DO?

We use the 3 Week Month Method to focus on one attainable focus goal for 3 weeks of each month.

What do we do the other days?

We designate both “set-up for success” and “rejuvenate” days each month.


Just as much as we want you to successful in your business, we value YOU as a person even more.

So, we want YOU to take care of you and give yourself the breathing space you need to have space to enjoy the life you’re creating!

For Graduates of the 3 Week Month Masterclass, you can join the Consistent Business Moms Society is $67/month-to-month or $597/annual.

Want IN the Consistent Business Moms Club?

Doors unlock in May 2020

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Option #3: Apply for a Overachiever Strategy Session

Life can be hectic and full, and you’re ready to get things going right now.

You need a plan that works for YOU, your current life situation, AND your business!

Let’s team up to create a customized action plan to works for your stage of business and season of life.

With your Premium Strategy Session, you’ll get:

  • Learn what matters most to your business success with full access to the 3 Week Month Masterclass
  • Leave our 45 minute consultation with clarity and action steps for your specific business needs
  • Follow-up accountability check-in via email or Facebook Messenger (your choice)
PLEASE NOTE: PREMIUM STRATEGY SESSIONS ARE VERY LIMITED. They are scheduled on a first come, first served basis.